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Our partner program is designed for existing relocation and rental companies. If you run an expat service company in an interesting expat destination you can apply for our partner program. Every partner add value to the Globexs network through their in-depth knowledge of the destination.

If your company is approved you can service the Globexs customer at your destination. Joining the Globexs network allows our partners to gain new customers. The partner can enter the Globexs network for free.

Benefits of a Globexs partnership

Globexs is a reference in the European expat community. Globexs means “Global Expatriate Services”. We help newly-arrived expats and their families with the most crucial challenges: housing and legal assistance. A partner is a company that is complementary to Globexs, offering similar services: Rentals to expats, Legal assistance to expats and property management services.

Globexs partners are

  • Rental agencies, or
  • Relocation companies, or
  • Property managers, or
  • Real estate agencies, or
  • Immigration lawyer offices.

Joining the partner program is free. Fill out the form and you will be contacted by a Globexs network manager.

Do you have a portfolio of rental apartments?

Do you have a portfolio of rental apartments and you want to partner up with Globexs? By joining the Globexs network you will have more customers. Globexs is a relocation company, and we need local partners to provide rental accommodation to our customers.

Once you are a Globexs partner you can choose to publish your rental properties on the Globexs website. Publishing your apartments is subject to an administration cost of 150€+ VAT. Publishing your apartments on is not obligatory but highly recommended. If we have a request for your apartment we contact you with all the details, including the contact details of the customer. Only when the expats actually books your apartment you pay a commission to Globexs.

You need to include a commission for Globexs in your rental price.

Other benefits for partners

  • A Globexs partner can use the Globexs legal department and the expertise regarding expat mobility, and has the right to sell our legal services against a 10% commission.
  • A Globexs partner wins a 10% affiliate commission of all purchases in the webshop. A Globexs partner can use and promote his own brandname through the Globexs network.
  • A Globexs partner has access to the other partners of the Globexs network to promote his services on an international scale.
  • A Globexs agent has access to his personalized dashboard where he can consult all the bookings that are generated by the Globexs network.

A partnership at a glance

1. Join a fast growing international network for free.

2.Win new customers: expats moving to your area need your services.

3. Build your own brand through the Globexs network

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