Globexs is a trusted name in the European expat community, providing valuable support for expats and their families in the key areas of housing and legal assistance.

Essentially, there are three ways to become part of the Globexs network. If you own properties, you can select one of our three owner plans. If you wish to establish your own business, you can become an agent or open a franchise. Alternatively, you can join our affiliate program.

Become owner

If you are an owner or a professional property manager, you can choose one of our 3 owner plans: Partner plan, Premium plan or Superior plan.

Become affiliate

Affiliates are former clients, estate agents, lawyers, property portals, or anyone who recommends our services to potential Globexs customers.

Join the team

Check out the job opportunities at the Globexs offices! Or if you want to run your own show you might be interested in our agency or franchise program.


Globexs (GLOBAL EXPATRIATE SERVICES SL) is a service company for expats and companies that need to relocate staff. We offer quality relocation services to expats, travellers and explorers.

Temporary rentals

The first concern expats have to deal with is accommodation. Regardless of the length of the stay Globexs helps expats to find affordable short term rental accommodation, completely furnished.

Legal assistance

Globexs assists expats with relocation legal assistance and visa applications: immigration processes and other legal matters related to moving abroad.

Relocation services

Globexs offers general relocation services such as opening bank accounts, school finding, car rental, drivers licenses, networking opportunities, etc.

Current Destinations Overview​

Expats in Spain
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Our Services​

Housing Services
Legal Assistance
Relocation Services