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Apply for a Globexs franchise

Globexs gives you the chance to run your own successful business without the costs and risk of setting up a new business. You start with the backing of an established infrastructure and technology. You enter a proven business model with a great team supporting you all the way. You become a key member of the Globexs network.

A franchisee acts independently, but as a part of the Globexs network, selling exactly the same services as Globexs Valencia: Rentals to expats, Legal assistance to expats and property management services. The franchise acts as an independent company but is can use the Globexs technology and platforms for payments and invoicing, etc.

Globexs will provide everything you need to establish a growing, profitable business. Being a Globexs franchisee is an exciting prospect: being your own boss, running your own business and making a difference for expats and their families.

Find pride in helping expat families

Join the Globexs network and you will have an immense pride in what you do!

Benefits of a Globexs franchise

  • You are building you own business in a fast growing market. More and more people are being relocated by their employers and are living the “expat-life”.
  • You are building a business with a reliable recurring cash flow.
  • You can use the Globexs booking and payment system.
  • You have your own destination landing page and partner-dashboard.
  • You can use the Globexs legal department and the expertise regarding expat mobility, and you can sell these services to expats in your area.
  • You will have the rights to sell your business in the future and realize accumulated value
  • Full technical support.

Technical support & website

Every Globexs franchisee runs his own landingpage ( which is supported by our highly skilled in-house technology and IT team. This website will make your business reliable and easy to run.

  • Through your own website/dashboard a franchisee is in constant communication with the Globexs head office for full sales and technical support.
  • A franchisee has access to reports with page views, unique visits/month, number of visitors per page, returning visits and data on your website’s traffic.
  • A franchisee can use the Globexs online booking, payment and invoicing system developed by Globexs.

The most important sales tools for the franchisee is his local landingpage ( On this landingpage the franchisee uploads the properties that are for rent in his area. The franchisee monitors this landingpage together with the Globexs headoffice in Valencia.

What the franchisee does

Building a portfolio of short term apartments
– The franchisee needs to build a portfolio of at least 20 apartments in (semi)-exclusive management within 6 months and publish to in 4 languages

Offering legal services to local expats
– The franchisee needs to sell legal assistance services to local expats

Offering property management services to owners
– The franchisee needs to offer property management services to owners: entries-exists of the guest, and cleaning services

Reaching out to expats and companies that relocate staff
– The franchisee is responsable for his own sales. Therefor he needs to reach out to expats, expats-to-be, and to companies that relocate their staff
– Building an expat community and becoming a person of confidence for the local expats
– Keeping an active blog about the destination, in coordination with the Globexs headoffice

What the franchisee gets

  • Usage of the brandname Globexs
  • Usage of the Globexs booking and payment system.
  • Usage of the Globexs destination landing page and agency-dashboard
  • Usage of the Globexs legal department and the expertise regarding expat mobility, and the right to sell these services.
  • The right to find and work with affiliates.
  • Total control over rental rates.
  • 10% affiliate commission of all purchases in the webshop.
  • 10% commission on the legal advice.
  • Help with uploading and translations of the apartments.
  • Commercial actions to promote the destination.
  • Globexs publishes to properties on other portals
  • Publicity campaign worth 500 euro when the first 5 apartments are published.
  • Publicity campaign worth 1000 euro when the first 10 apartments are published.
  • Publicity campaign worth 1500 euro when the first 20 apartments are published.
  • The correct SEO actions regarding the weekly blogpost.
  • Full technical support

How it works financially

The franchisee pays a one-time starters fee (4999€), but most of this amount (3000€) is reinvested in the destination in terms of publicity. So basically Globexs offers the change to start a profitable business at a minimal cost of less than 2000€.

For every rental that the franchisee sells the Globexs tariffs apply: If there is no management contract with the owner the commission level is 20%. If there is a full-management contract in place (entry-exit-cleaning), the commission level is 30%.

Globexs sends a monthly commission invoice for the rentals (7,5%). Globexs does not get involved in the services of entry/exit/cleaning. These activities are organized by the franchisee who gets to keep all the profit.

The franchisee receives a 10% commission for all the legal services that are sold in his area, as well as a 10% affiliate commission for our webshop-sales.

The franchise contract is for a 5-year period with a built-in right to renew.

A franchise at a glance

1. Start your own business with a minimal investment.

2. Become a member of a successful expat network, and a proven business model.

3. Enjoy the back-up of the technology, expertise and brand reputation of Globexs.


What skills do I need to be a Globexs franchisee?

Globexs is all about helping people on the move. You need to be a people manager and have an in-depth understanding of the challenges that newly arrived expats face. When expats and their families arrive at a new destination they need a trust worthy contact person. They need somebody that listens to their doubts and offers hands-on solutions. You do not need to have technological skills. Basic computer skills are enough to understand and operate the Globexs dashboard and booking system.

How do I make money?

Globexs franchisees make money in different ways. In the first place by building a portfolio of short stay rental apartments and renting them out to expats. This will generate commissions up to 22,5% of the rental price. Secondly the franchisees make a 10% commission on all legal services. Thirdly the franchisee make a 10% commission on all sales on the webshop.

How much money can I make?

The amount of money that a franchisee can make depends in the first place on the popularity of the destination amongst expats, but is always directly proportional to the time and efforts spend on building a portfolio of apartments and reaching out to the local expats. A franchisee in a good destination can build a very profitable business.

What are my (financial) responsibilities?

The franchisee runs his own business, and is responsible for his own portfolio of apartments and customers. But the business must always be run in the “Globexs spirit”: in the spirit of helping people. Running a Globexs franchise means finding solutions for expats, in the first place accommodation solutions. Franchisees pay a 7,5% commission to Globexs for every booking.

How much does it cost to set up a Globexs franchise?

Setting up a Globexs franchise comes with a one-time startup fee of 4999€. However, 3000€ is being spent immediately by the Globexs head office in online publicity directly related to the destination. So in fact, a Globexs franchisee has his own business up and running for less than 2000€. A business that can be profitable from day 1….

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